TJC offers a variety of services from conception to post-completion of your residential or commercial remodel or new construction project.


♦ Pre-Construction Services

Ask us about the feasibility of the project you have in mind and for insight into the rough costs of the scope of work you might be considering.  We are also happy to help you select an architect or designer for your work, or contract design and engineering services directly through TJC in certain situations.

♦ Estimating

If you call us after already having received completed drawings and specs, we can apply our expertise and job cost history to inform you how much your project will cost and how long it will take to build.

♦ Value Engineering

We can zero in on the best project for you by considering various alternates to your desired scope of work.  Smaller/larger, more/less, rougher/finer, metal/wood; these are questions that all customer have by degree.  We're happy to clarify the costs associated with the multitude of options available to you through our value engineering services.

♦ Sustainability

Thomas Jacobson Construction, Inc is dedicated in philosophy and in daily practice to building superior homes while maintaining an active focus on our impact on the environment.  We are proud to be one of the first green construction firms in Seattle and are current members of the Master Builders Association's Built Green program, the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, and the U.S. Green Building Council.  We utilize our knowledge and combined skill base to make your new or remodeled home or business as healthful and efficient as possible for your family and for the earth.

♦ Construction Services

Our managers, superintendents, carpenters and subcontractors all work together closely to ensure that the labor that has gone into the meticulous design and planning is met by exacting details in the construction phase.  Our execution emphasizes durability and quality of detailing.  Our management pays close attention to budget and schedule and clearly communicates on all aspects of each of our projects on a regular basis.

♦ Warranty

TJC’s dedicated service to you continues after the completion of your project. We respond promptly to service calls from our customers and work proactively to solve any issues that you may have with as minimal invasion of your space as possible.

Thomas Jacobson Construction (TJC) are high end custom builders, specializing in new construction, remodeling and commercial tenant improvements throughout the Greater Seattle area.

Skillful. Agile. Problem Solving.

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